Dark as a Dungeon

The Gospel According to Willard (2)

In the bowels of the Earth, we encountered the foul walking dead enthralled by the powers of Satan . . . and dispatched them. Their bodies, which You created, can no longer be put to the service of the Devil and his minions on earth. Likewise, with Your guiding influence, we destroyed infernal contraptions constructed to do the Dark Lord’s bidding. I thank you, Lord, not for preserving me from this unholy terrors but for calling me to be the instrument of your divine wrath.

The hellish ore these monsters and machines ripped from the bosom of your earth is being collected, for what purpose I know not . . . yet. But we pursue those who would extract it, and enslave the bodies of your fallen congregation.

During our trial, I have come to know more about my companions, and I am conflicted, Lord, and pray for Your guidance. They have all shown themselves committed to fighting evil, though I know Widow Zimmerman to be a hellish and foul=mouthed, half-Celesital witch. Beuregard is an avaricious and godless heathen, and The Drunkard would seem redeemable if he were not savagely ensnared by the witch’s charms. The Prussian seems no better than those we seek to oppose. The journalist seems an honest sort, but he keeps the Prussian as a bedfellow, which disconcerts me.

In town we met two gentlemen who hate the mining company, one of whom presents himself as a private detective and former Confederate spy. His being a confessed liar and manager of the mining company, I do not trust him. Shown the smallest of signs, I would devotedly send his soul to You for judgment. Instead, we carry the hellish ore to Denver for analysis. My hope is that You will reveal Your wisdom to us and show us those who You would punish.

Last night, we returned to the storage depot that held ore and concealed ourselves in the cart to follow it to its next wicked link in the chain of evil. With Your blessing we smote four vile sinners and violent men. I pray, Lord, that you will speed their souls’ damnation and guide our steps as we contend with the forces of the Beast.



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