Dark as a Dungeon

Widow Zimmerman's Thoughts

New People
New people have arrived in town and, before I could stop myself, I shared with them a tale of recent events. Of course, not all recent events. Some things are still worn close to my heart, and other ugly shadows still cling and cause me to fear the full, spoken truth. However, I was able to tell them enough so that we’ve loosely joined together, and I have a form of company and protection as I seek the reason that James was killed, and had to be killed again. I hope that they will see for themselves the evil this company has wrought and join me in my quest to destroy Hammer’s Toll Mining Company. For the time being, I am satisfied that I’ve found the ability to seek a means.
The Newspaper Man
This fool has no means or inclination to check his tongue. Likely he means well, but the West will either make him wiser or confront him with a cold, bloody dose of the truth he claims to seek. In the meantime, I hope that I am not foolish enough to give him fodder for his pen.
The German
Profit and ghost rock are his purpose here. Melody has another voice calling for their share of the wealth. This one calls out in a clipped and guttural accent.
My Hired Gunman
He asks few questions. For this particular virtue I’m inclined to keep him on.
The Praying Gunman
At times he appears to be a willing helper, but at the next turn I fear his condemnation. What are his motives? Will he help me fight the evil which owns this town?
Snake Oil Salesman
He will profit in Melody. The entire place stinks of desperation, and that will suit him just fine.



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