Willard Keaton

(?Delusional) Angel of Death Incarnate



A stern and unflinching man who carries Death in his holster, Willard kills without regret. He speeds the passage of the wicked into Hell and the righteous to the Lord’s loving embrace. So, either way he is doing God’s work.

He avoids the “Seven Deadly Sins”, as best as his mediocre mind can remember them: avarice, sloth, gluttony, lust, wrath, envy, and pride. He sometimes loses count and adds to the list. Drunkeness is one of his common additions, possibly a result of his abusive childhood spent in servitude to an unwholesome saloon. Other common additions are ignorance and heresy (broadly defined as anything he considers ungodly).

Likewise, he steers himself in the direction of keeping Nine of the Ten Commandments. Thou Shalt Not Kill he finds very ambiguous. He is fond of three books of the Bible (King James only of course): Revelations, Proverbs, and Deuteronomy, but most of his “understanding” of Christian doctrine is flawed by his low intelligence and delusion.

Willard Keaton

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