Melody, Colorado

Welcome to the town of Melody, Colorado. The town of Melody is located in Huerfano County in central southern Colorado. It lies along the front range of the Rockies and a well-known cattle trail. La Veta pass takes west bound travelers to the San Luis Valley. Melody is well situated to take advantage of both silver and ghost rock mining and the outfits driving herd north to Denver. A spur of the Denver-Pacific serves Melody.

Our fair city was originally the summer camp of the Hata Indians. As White and Mexican settlers moved into the Huerfano County, conflicts between the Hata and the newcomers arose. Eventually the Hata were relocated to a reservation on their traditional winter camp in New Mexico.

The first white settlers to the area heard the gurgling of the streams near Melody and stated that, “The Lord has signified this place with a blessed melody.” The blessing has not continued uninterrupted.

Official Map of Melody, CO

Melody, Colorado

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